Thursday, June 30, 2005

Male Bonding....With a Vengeance!!
I've just watched the first 24 minutes of Joe Gage's newest flick, 110 in Tucson. HOLY F*CK!!! OK, sure, it's not that unusual to pop in a video at 3 in the morning and get your rocks off, but, HOLY F*CK!!!

I wasn't really in the mood (for jerking off), but got the DVD in the mail yesterday and was anxious to see it. I was pleased first with the slow, relaxed pace, then the simple but interesting set-up (two cops take a break for their usual whack-off session in a motel room) with a slight, but simple, twist - the clerk for the motel inadvertantly gets a glimpse of the two men, and then can't stop watching thru a window. The kinds of themes Gage likes to explore - voyeurism (on at least two levels, because of course we are watching the guy watching the pair) and just the little ideosyncracies of men getting off (together) - male bonding, if you will.

Ray Dragon is one of the cops, and I have to say he was barely recognizable in the still pics I had seen, and I still don't think it looks like him on the back DVD cover. I guess I had just gotten used to the scruffy, sometimes bearded version of him, so this clean-shaven/3 o'clock shadow version is rather interesting. He's hotter than ever, but just in an unexpected way. He's the one who does all the talking, relaxing his married buddy (something along the lines of "it's not cheating, we're just whacking off") during what seems to be a regular routine. Ray stands with his cock pulled out of his police uniform, while the other guy is on the bed, also with cock yanked out of his uniform, stroking. It's tortuously slow, but in a good, teasing way, and there is finally contact between the two men - Ray rubbing his thick hard prick on the other guy's cowboy boot.

OK, a play-by-play is kinda silly, but what adds to the sexual heat here is the tension - you know sex is gonna happen, but you are realizing that it won't be your typical (yawn) suck/rim/fuck, and you just have to know how this is gonna transpire. And the guy spying on them is just the trigger for the two men to finally go beyond their usual routine (mututal masturbation) as at first they just use the guy to get serviced, eyeing each other longingly but still not touching, until finally Ray goes down on his buddy, and then finally, his buddy has his first taste of manmeat (and what better meat to have down your throat as your initiation into unbridled man-on-man sex than Ray Dragon's!!) as Ray commands his buddy to go down on him. Even the typical 3 guys standing, whacking, is extended beyond the "let's do the cumshot thing" but their eyes darting back and forth between each other, the faster stroking followed by the self-disciplined sudden stop (hoping the other guys shoot first?) that just teases and makes you stop, and wait, until you can't hold back and - SPLAT! - you can't hold back once that first splurt pops out of Mr Dragon.

Gosh, typing/editing/posting has given me the "recovery time" needed to get on with rest of the scene.... (no, they're not done yet, and neither am I!) Oh yeah, and another thing that might go unnoticed, but is so important, NO PORN STAR TATTOOS! When these guys get naked, and it's just three unadorned male bodies (with huge hard cocks, of course), it just adds so much to the "plot" of three regular working guys getting each other off.