Thursday, June 02, 2005

it's "our people's" folk music
I think i was gonna mention something about The Cock again, but got distracted sending a list of disco music to a goodlooking DJ guy i've been harassing messaging on BMB. It's funny, cuz so much of the "classics" were things I never enjoyed at the time they came out (remember - I was a teenager in Chicago in the 70's, the home of the DISCO SUCKS 'movement') but my, um, 'fondness' for good old porn stored some of this stuff in the back of my head, so now old disco conjures up youthful days - er, nights - in porno theatres way back when.

A couple weeks back, late late at night, at you-know-where, trying to get the last few hits out of some donated joint, we were yapping about the music, and one of my bar buddies put it well - it's "our people's" folk music. Which I guess concisely expalins why every June I get all goofy and pull the stuff out and annoy the neighbors with the thumping blasting from my little computer speakers. Here's a coupla faves:

  • Rosebud's Have a Cigar (yes, a disco cover of Pink Floyd)
  • Larry Levan's Loose Joints (uh-huh, it IS all over my face)
    [correction: Larry Levan's remix of Loose Joint's Is It All Over My Face (Arthur Russell) - i guess it really is all over my face...]
  • Munich Machine's Whiter Shade of Pale (I know, I know, I post this song every couple of months, but it's played prominently in William Higgins's classic The Boys Of Venice (which I also talk about every few months....)