Friday, June 03, 2005

yes, more disco
Actually, this is a delay tactic - after yesterday's post, I got a bunch of emails about disco, one correcting my attribution of Is It All Over My Face to Larry Levan (he remixed it). But also, a pal of mine wanted to know the music played during the scene in Jack Deveau's Dune Buddies where Malo has sex with some guy in a tent in the dunes of Fire Island. Of course, I knew WHO he had sex with (Myles Longue - DUH!) but didn't remember the music, nor could I figure it out once I popped the tape into the machine and FF'd to the scene. Sometimes Deveau used original music, but since there is no music credited, I have to believe it was a commercially released song. So I hope to upload a part of the scene so you disco experts out there can help me.

Meanwhile, here's something that Kid Creole (coco)nut August Darnell co-wrote and produced for Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I. OMG!! - when did they change: (Baby, she turns out to be a natural freak), Popping pills and smoking weed to (Baby, she turns out to be a natural freak) Gaining weight and loosing sleep????

If you prefer strings and horns in your disco - how 'bout Odyssey's Native New Yorker; of course, i like mine a tad sleazier, and so one I've posted several times in the past, but i never get tired of, Dennis Parker's (who you may remember from such porno films as: Exploring Young Girls and Boynapped!, and his soap opera, The Edge of Night - as Det. Derek Mallory ) (correction: Native New Yorker - duh; this must be the 15th time I lost my GAY CARD this week!)New York By Night. The song shows up in Francis Ellie's Boots and Saddles, which was shot ON LOCATION at the (in)famous Christopher Stret bar. The lyrics are both awful and fantabulous:

At 53rd and 3rd, a dollar is the word
turn that trick, you better hurry kid

This is New York By Night, This is New York By Night
filled with glamour, drama, laughter and spice.....

and spice???