Thursday, June 16, 2005

shirtless in june
when was the last time you jerked off with a young cutey in a bathroom stall while Ted Nugent's Stranglehold blasted? I don't think of myself as some urinal troll, but i did make several non-essential trips to the urinals, usually with that not-so-goodlooking guy (i am being kind) plopping himself nexxt to me. As desolate as the place was, i had biked all the way up, and the DJ was great, so i continued to pour budweiser down my throat. In fact, i actually felt nostalgic for that visit a few weeks back from Chas (dude! the music was excellent!) I had seen the young man earlier, he didn't seem to pay much attention to me, so i was pelasantly surprised when I happened to be next to him at the urianals and he lingerd after finishing up his business. Pulling on his cock, brushing away other suitors, slight arm-to-arm brushing as i couldn't get mine to harden as quickly as he got his, but he seemed intent on getting off. A momentary dive, as he covered his cock made me realize there would be "none of that" - but he still continued to yank, as did I. taking a risk, i zipped up (slowly, making a bit of a show of my stuff being shoved back into the 'strap) and left the urinals for a stall (leaving in ajar, of course) He washed up at the sink, in view of me, so i yanked and pulled in his sight, and soon he joined me. Ted Nugent was blasting, and it was like i was 17 again, with no actuall sexual expereince, but merely the desire to be near another boy's body. I couldn't help but get vocal as he finally touched me, yanking on my balls as I massaged my own usually insenistive nipple. I knew better than to wait for my partner, and got close, very close. But i growled just slightly, and barely audibly, with some other low noises to key him in, and he was hard and throbbing and apparently reaady to go, too. Without me needing to ask, he shot on me just as i shot down onto our shoes.

afterwards, i saw him ahead of me, walking down the road, and i took it upon myself to escort him to wherever he was going. i warned him of the dnagers of the upcoming block, and he seemed cool with me walking him the nezt several blocks to his subway stop.

a nice easy ride back to my neighborhood, i ran into a buddy at The COCK. more great music, i bought us a round, he remarked on the music and wanting to hear some disco. he also said something about how we should be shirtless, Gay Pride month and all, and again referred to disco as "our people's folk music." When Ms. Summer came on, I immediatley pulled my shirt off with a grin, and he quickly followed. within minutes several other men followed pulling they're shirts up and off. A few guys had yanked on my beard, others grabbed at Pete's body and crotch. it was one of those this is why i live here, in this overcrowded, too-expensive, city-that-used-to-be, moments, ya know?, at 5am, , all ican can add is FUCK SPELLCHECK, i am heading into the matttress, you wanna join me? fuckin' take your shirt off