Monday, June 06, 2005

disco help

director: Jack Deveau (1978)

Starring: Malo, Larry Paige, Hugh Allen, Garry Hunt, David (Paolo) Gorsky, Matt Harper (aka Will Seagers), Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley) and Pepe Brazil. Written by Moose 100; edited by Robert Alvarez.

A New York City teacher (Malo) needs to get away from the constant cruising and pick-ups of Manhattan by taking a month at the beach - Fire Island! In this particular scene, he's hurt his ankle while (drunkenly) stumbling through the dunes in Fire Island (after leaving a small orgy), finds a tent where Myles Longue is whacking off, and so of course they must get it on (and somehow he tops Myles despite his injury). BUT, who can identify the music? I know that Deveau/Hand In Hand sometimes used original music, but there are no music credits listed, so my guess is that this must be a commercially made tune. Any ideas?