Friday, June 24, 2005

"I think you're in the wrong place, buddy"

"You better believe it. And if there's anything I like better than sucking cock, it's kicking ass!"

directed by Joe Gage (1979)

Starring: Richard Locke, Will Seagers, Casey Donovan, Derrick Stanton, Paul Baressi, Bob Blount, Richard Youngblood, Johnny Falconberg, Joe Walsh, Michael Kearns, Joseph Kearns, Shawn Victors, Becky Bitter, Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero), Scott Sinclair, Gregg Dale, Bob Damon, Roy Harwood, Chuck Cord, Matthew Forde, Steve Rideout, Rev. Spoonball (on the radio), Joe Gage and "The Gage Men" (Carlos Balajo, Patrick Graham, Paul Guild, Erling Hitt, Beau Lovejoy, Max Osterhaut, Jose Solica, Nels Stensgaard, Shelly Gard).
Music by Al Steniman, Harmonica solos by Chuck Thatcher.

OK, so you get the little intro, the disco music starts, and..... WHAAAAH? - no sex? Gage took advantage of the fact that he hired some men who could act, and we get this fantastic scene, where Richard Locke first notices Will Seagers (AKA Matt Harper)in the bar, and talks to him in a surprisingly sweet scene out in the parking lot; contrasted with the fun, playful scene in the bar with the homophobe (and you know, just know, that Locke has to have been the one to come up with the "you porkchop!" line). GOD I love Mr Locke! This is the set up for this, the 3rd of Gage's Trilogy, getting Richard Locke back on the road to (have lots of sex in exciting places like trucks, restrooms, etc) er, follow Wiley (Will Seagers) to L. A. OK, so if you haven't yet clicked on the movie, just remember - NO SEX!

Now, I have 3 questions for you to ponder, and hopefully someone can send me answers:

  • a] What's the music playing in the bar? (It may well be original music by Al Steinman (pseudonym for some well-repected film composer, but I was sworn to secrecy (not to mention I forgot his name!), who's credited here, as well as on the other of the Trilogy films - he did the haunting theme from the other two...)
  • b] What does Locke say out in the parking lot, immediately after saying bye to Wiley? I can't quite make out the first line.
  • 3] What is the music playing out in the parking lot? No doubt Locke may have suggested it, as he did with some of the country/bluegrass featured in El Paso.