Friday, July 15, 2005

Friends of mine know I love getting postcards, so of course one must be willing to send them, too. Last week, I decided to print out a postcard-sized print of this photo a pal took of me and the man I've been, um, smooching lately. I thought he might enjoy the photo from our Gay Pride together, so I slapped a couple of stamps on it, and popped it into the mailbox. Several days pass, he doesn't mention it, but we're still, um, smooching, so I figure it got lost. Nearly a week after mailing it, when I got home from work Tuesday night, there's an email. Yup, he got it. Yup, he liked it. yeah

Last night, we saw Female Trouble, not exactly a sentimental movie, but our first together in a movie theatre, bare legs entwined for most of the film. We go back to his apartment, he's showing me something in his bedroom (no, not that - not then, at least), a book he's paging through. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the picture/postcard, and realize he's framed it, and put it up on his bureau. I nearly, well....