Tuesday, July 26, 2005

new toy

If having a "boy who is a friend" in my life wasn't enough to keep me out of the bars and such, certainly this new welcome-to-the-current-century toy should. A bit of a whim, but I've been talking about getting a new PC for a coupla years, and every month or so I go to Gateway.com or Dell.com, and build some kick-ass $3,000 computer (about $3500 more than I can afford). Then my old one crashes.... At this point, before I've even opened the box to get all frustrated when it doesn't get put together smoothly, all I can say is WOO-HOO FOR 24 MONTH 0% FINANCING!

So, if you don't see/hear from me for a few days, it means I have either broken it, or it has broken me.