Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"screaming twenty-year olds trying to take photos of each other with their cell phone cameras"

Haven't been to "New" Cock yet, but early reports aren't encouraging. The last night at Old Cock was OK. I shouldn't have been surprised to have seen NONE of my friends (after all, most are partnered and/or have 9-5 M-F jobs), but I was surprised to see a good number of men who I've had sex with over the years. And not just COCK-related sex (either on the premises, or at my place, or some bush between the two hot spots), but actually guys I haven't seen around in years - from The Bar, The Bijou, Crowbar, ferchrissakes, even Tunnel Bar. A few of us exchanged friendly "I recognize you" smiles, but besides one grope, no actual communication with any of them. (That was funny, the guy grabs my stuff, then attempts to kiss, then says "you don't remember me, do you?" I responded, "sure I do, you've got that huge uncut meat," which I didn't attempt to locate. His face begins to move away, but not yet his hand, so I added: "They've opened up the backroom" and before I could say "play safe" he was gone. But I drank a lot, and the music eventually got good, and the bartender was unusually generous - 3 free beers? - so it was a nice, somewhat odd, goodbye.