Saturday, July 16, 2005

a family that showers together...

(AKA Popular Mechanics)

Director: Richard Morgan (1985)

Starring: Kyle Carrington, Dan (Danny)Parks, John Von Crouche, Shawn Michaels, Scott Avery; with Jamie Wingo, Paul Baressi (spelled Paul Barressi here), Ron Chambers, Tony James, Eric Martinez, David Leslie, Russ Starchild, Christopher James

OK, so that don't actually shower together. Still, both men, "daddy" Paul Baressi, and "son" Kyle Carrington (this and Tough Competition were Carrington's only films, if you don't count the compilation of the two - All American Boy) do a fine job getting their morning "business" done. Note the different music being played for each character, just to make sure you can tell which one is the kid, and which one is the older guy. The film was originally released as Popular Mechanics and the rumor was that the magazine of the same name sued, or threatened to sue, so they changed the name. Of course, I'm selling this on eBay.