Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Director: Richard Morgan (1985)

Starring: Lance, Leo Ford, Shawn Michaels; introducing: Ty Cashe, Mark Sheldon; with: Chris Carns (AKA Chris Thompson), Brandon Wilde, John Tracey, Christopher James

I'll try to make this brief. If you're looking for hot, precondom sex involving blonds, you might be disappointed by this video. I mean, there are plenty of great sex scenes, 3 with adorable LANCE, but, ahem - blonds??? The first scene doesn't even try - with 3 non-blonds whacking it (one furry guy looks great once he gets sweaty, his chest glistening... oh, i said I'd make this short). And of course, neither Leo Ford (white-blond) nor Lance are real blonds, but at least the effort is there. Shawn Michaels (who you probably remember best for his memorable debut in Getting It), who has appeared in video with badly blonded hair, isn't blond here. So, ignoring the title, it's actually pretty good, except the version I am selling on eBay (99 cents!) appears to be another chopped up job from MIDNIGHT MEN - a good chunk of scene 4 (the 3 way with Shawn Michaels, Ty Cashe and Leo Ford) is missing! Grrrrr! But Lance! Not my usual type ("blond" and fairly hairless) but with that killer smile, and fantastic, uncut, bouncing thick meat, what's not to like?