Wednesday, July 13, 2005

not gay confessions

A couple weeks back, during another downloading music frenzy, I realized that I had never, ever bought any Grace Jones albums! It's a terrible thing for a gay man of my age (45ish) to admit, but it's true. No doubt there was some sort of lingering anti-disco thing involved, but of course I knew more folks into New Wave who just loved her and couldn't get enough. Perhaps the fact that everyone I knew had her music in the early 80's, and it was played most places I hung out, that it wasn't necessary.

I thought I would finally give in and BUY something (I've uploaded several songs here recently, as well as blast them out of my little PC), as there is something to having the object in your hand, even if it isn't vinyl, but the CD folder, as opposed to the seemingly non-physical aspect of having in on the ol' hard drive. Consulting my pal Jeff, he more or less confirmed what i thought - Warm Leatherette (1980) and Nightclubbing (1981) would be the best candidates if I were to only buy one disc. But he highly recommended a 1998 compilation disc, Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions. He said it had lots of the Sly & Robbie material from the early '80's, several good dub versions, and many of the 12 inch versions (Not the late '90's and beyond megamixes that I usually can't stand). He was right, and I got my Amazon disc yesterday, and love especially disc 2. Here's 2 tunes from it: