Wednesday, July 20, 2005

brothers should do it

"Dad put me in charge, boy. Don't you fuckin' forget it!"

Director: Bruce Cam (1995)

Starring:Cliff Parker, Michel D'Amours, Sean Rider, Bill Zackary, Rusty Samuels, Tom Turrell, Max Holden and York Powers.

Here's a clip from the first DVD I ever bought, and Titan Media's first release, the fantastic River Patrol. I was already crazy about Cliff Parker, and once he had gotten his hair cut (remember the long-on-top, short-on-the-sides haircut he had in such films as: Desert Drifters, Summer Buddies, Wild Country, and one of my faves, Reunion - the scene WITH Aiden Shaw on the hammock, then in the tree?) and started letting his body hair grow, yumfuckinyummy! And MyGod! What's better, that cute little fuckable goatee, or that round, hard, perfect little lickable ass? Anyway, back to this movie. Cliff Parker is caught by his brother York Powers (real life boyfriend at the time) naked and masturbating; Powers shoves him around a bit in the mud, and then they have very hot sex on the river's shore. This continues back at the cabin with a shower scene, as well as a passionate scene in front of a fireplace. The entire scene is very passionate, and Cliff Parker won an award for assistant director for this scene (which award slips my mind). Of course, selling this on eBay.