Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's one of those awful days when I can't pull myself away from the TV, even though there really is nothing more to see now than the first 6 hours of watching. There is nothing to say here, and yet saying nothing - ignoring the London Bombings - doesn't feel right, either. Music from my PC speakers alternates between angry and sad sounds, and somehow this CD, NO ALTERNATIVE, pulled itself out of the piles of unorganized discs in the kitchen. For some reason I often get up early on my days off, and today, coffee in hand, PC coming on, I see the news, and flick to the TV for more info. I watched for a long time with brain churning and processing what the hell is going on, and then, oddly, one bit of imagery hit me hard. Two people handing out paper cups of water to injured, dazed, fellow citizens. Brought me back, not surprisingly, to nearly 4 years ago here in NYC, biking towards downtown seeing the same thing in the streets. What else to do but let the tears flow, and say a prayer to a god i still don't believe in, but get angry at all the time.