Saturday, July 23, 2005

Drawing Restraint 9
Here's the first track from Bjork's new release, Drawing Restraint 9, which is actually the soundtrack to her boyfriend Matthew Barney's newest work, a film by the same name - Gratitude (vocal by Will Oldham). I have to tell you, within minutes of pre-ordering the album online, with hopes of getting it before its official release date of July 25th, I regretted the purchase. Why am I spending 22 bucks on a movie soundtrack, that will in all likelihood not even have that much Bjork on it? But I got the disc at the beginning of the week (first one on my block, if not the whole island!), and while I can't yet tell you I love it, and I won't recommend it (there are some rather odd and disturbing sounds emanating from it at times!), it is a very enjoyable album. Hard to explain, but it has enough elements from her two previous works, Medulla and Vespertine to feel like the next logical album, mostly because of the use of instruments like harp, celeste, and yes, "throat singing" etc., to feel comfortably next, but it's just not an album that makes you run home, drop your stuff on the floor and run to the stereo to listen to after a hard day's work. It's moody, odd, disturbing, challenging - maybe for late late nights alone in the dark.