Thursday, May 08, 2003

coffee slowly kicks in. Some 21-yr-old is imming me, he's "bored" (always a turn-on for me, bored teens). Yesterday I had to run up to midtown, and decided biking was fastest. Potholes, pedestrians who wander aimlessly into the street, buses lumbering along, I wanted to kill myself by the time I got to 44th and Lex. Had to show a photo I.D. to get into this building, "visitor" sticker stuck on my t-shirt, walking amongst everyone with little white and brown paper bags of take-out lunch, get on the elevator, and there's a small news monitor on the wall. One-sentence newsbytes of what's happening around the world. The other people stare at it, I try making a joke - a polite ha-ha laugh as they keep staring - Dow Jones this, Iraq that. I get what I came for, and flee, pedaling my little butt back downtown. It's just another world up there - a scarey, scarey world.

I have a feeling at age 65 I'll still be smiling and handing people their burritos, hoping for a few coins in the tip jar.