Monday, May 05, 2003

Guillermo Ricardo (aka Guillermo) seems to have been in only 3 films as far as I can tell. He may or may not be Mexican-American (up until recently I thought Bruno was Italian, turns out he's Cuban, so don't ask me ethnicity questions), but In El Paso he portrays a Mexican gardener with, yup, you guessed it, a big hose. These are his 3 films:

  • Full Service - Guillermo and Ed Wiley are two mechanics who let "Mark" pay his bill with sex (part of FalconPac 20, aka TICKET HOME)
  • Dark Desires - Guillermo and Dick Fisk - Guillermo's body is shaved and smooth, as the two try all different postions with a stark black background (part of FalconPac 51, aka TRY TO TAKE IT)
  • El Paso Wrecking Corp (1977) - In "The Gardener and The Rug Man" scene with Lou Davis (full (& yummy!) reddish-brown beard) Davis complains about not having gotten paid in awhile, and Guillermo, down in the garden, is concentrating more on stroking his own dick as he looks up at Davis who's hanging out the window. Seems to take Davis a long time to catch on that he's being invited down into the garden. If I'm not too tired when I get home from work late tonight (and those message boards/Yahoo Groups can resist posting the links) perhaps I can put up a brief clip from that film, eh?