Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Have I ever mentioned how much i like a nice fuzzy belly? MMMMmmmmmm is all I can say to this one that came in the mail today (alas, the picture, not the man, came in the mail today - more on him later this week) - well, it's not all I can say, and certainly not all I'm thinking ( head on fuzzy belly, clean white sheets, long naps in the afternoon........slurp slurp slurp). Couldn't get to sleep until after 5am this morning, poked my head in a few chatrooms (amazing how many couples are up at 4:45am on a Tuesday looking for a 3rd - like, um, blow each other, shoot a load, and get to sleep, you fuckers - not that I'm jealous; I'm actually allergic to most snortable drugs anyway, so I guess I'll never get one of those "fun" boyfriends. Needed to be in midtown at noon today, but with no sleep, and then no hot water, there was no way I could go (you don't want my skanky still-sick aroma in your office, believe me). So back to bed for awhile, and maybe laundry and a shower before work tonight. Grrrrr. Anyone want the El Paso clip posted before I leave this afternoon, lemme know (I'm sooooooo lonely!)