Thursday, May 29, 2003

every morning i walk towards the edge and throw little things off

It's the old "pic up the guy who smokes who's run out of smokes and is shy about asking, so you do it for him and manage to take both of the men home" trick. Cock. Sometime after 3, I wandered in, the place was packed. As I waited for a bartender to appear, I noticed about 1/2 dozen men I'd "been with" - now that hasn't happened in a long, long while! Two I met in this very same place, and oddly they were talking to each other. Another I seem to see around a lot lately, and not just the usual places like the bars, but the Community Center, some downtown "legitimate" theater, etc. (actually, the night, er, morning I was at his apartment many years ago, while he was in the bathroom, i couldn't help but notice an unemployment check in the amount of 65 dollars, and an open checkbook with deposits of that amount for some time - ouch) big dick, good kisser, mouthwatering ass... Then there's the guy over on the other end of the bar, bearded, from CRUISETOOL. He'd been to my place 2 or 3 times since last August, and he returned my smile from across the bar. Later, near the end of the first beer (at this place, anyway) I found him in one of the dark corners, on a couch, sitting next to some guy. No real acknowledgment, but having had each other's genitals in each other's mouths more than once, I figured I was entitled to something, so I plopped my weary ass beside him.

He was talking, so I tried not to be rude; in fact, I think gently playing with his ear in a way the other guy couldn't see was quite polite of me. Then the other guy got up, probably for the bathroom. Bearded Man already had his hand on my thigh, then turned and we kissed, said a formal hello, kissed again. I asked if he was on a date (he's living with his boyfriend, so I was sorta being a smart-ass) he replied "NO, we just met tonight" (which didn't really answer my question), but he kissed me again, and I sat on his lap, facing him, as we talked and had a few more kisses. Other guy came back, and I returned to my seat besides Bearded Man. Soon I went to get a beer, and got lost, thinking I just can't be so pushy, it's not my style. But when I found myself next to him at the urinals, him oblivious to me, I couldn't help but grab his ass. He neither encouraged nor discouraged it (like so many of us at that hour, wanting "something" if it doesn't take much effort), so I just smiled and walked out, heading to the bar. The music was quite fantastic, actually (Dance This Mess Around mixed with some rocked-out bluesy tune that made the word Arkansas sound so sensuous; a Blondie tune from Plastic Letters, 80's GrandmasterFlash-sounding rap, etc). By 4 am, with the lights in the Cock getting brighter and brighter, and Bearded Man having lost his non-date, he suggested we leave. Outside, I unlocked my trusty bike, and he mentioned needing cigarettes. I looked around, saw that just about everyone out here (20-25 people) were smoking, and just said, "Go ahead, ask someone." He pulled out a dollar, and still hesitated, mumbling something about buying one - I turned to some young blondish guy with the standard chinfuzz, and asked. He came over, we started chatting, the two were really hitting it off, but Chinfuzz suggested we all go somewhere together. Took a long time to get those few blocks to my place, me giving each of them a 1/2 block ride on the bike in an attempt to move things along (as the birds began their songs), but once there, with two nice looking men in my kitchen, it didn't matter much for me. I mean, I was enjoying it, and whether cum, beer, weed, or sleep happened, it felt nice, just hanging out.

Getting them to the next room, the bedroom, music playing, they seemed to dig my selections, and one of them got down to no underwear quickly, then the other (shy, and not sporting a hard-on like the other two, i kept my jock on until one of them insisted I take it off) - the familiar nice cock looked better than I remembered, and the new one was nicer than I had hoped for - nice balls with a big chunk of metal in the head. Sex was ok, in a leisurely, no pressure manner, although I did feel like a 3rd wheel (5th?) several times. But the boys were sensitive to that, pulling me in, grabbing, tugging, licking. We stopped for me to roll a joint, we had another shot of this nasty blue stuff, Hpnotiq, and returned to the slurping and groping. I remember trying to find lube for the boys, and had one of those SafeSex envelopes with condom and lube in it. The boys were attempting a fuck, but neither mentioned the condom, which remained sealed. It was typical 6 a.m. sex, sloppy, more self-jerking than anything else, certainly for the "big moment", and eventually the two of them came, us collapsing in a 3-way snuggle at the foot of the bed.

By 7:30, with all of maybe 20 minutes sleep, I woke up to find I was getting only about 2 square feet of bed, and the other two were entwined, diagonally, giving me no real way to maneuver back in. But somehow I mananged, and fell back asleep.

By 9:30 Bearded Man was awake, searching for belongings slowly, as we laughed at Chinfuzz snoring away, taking up the whole bed. We could not wake him up for anything, so of course I got the camera out. More tittering as I snapped a couple, then I let Bearded Man out the door, returned to bed, with Chinfuzz's feet near my head. I had put a pot of coffee on, but fell asleep within minutes, not waking until well after noon, and grabbed a strong (slighly burnt-flavored) cup of coffee. Chinfuzz woke, I got him water, helped him find clothes, glasses, and other assorted personal belongings. He was shier than he had been the night before, but still as cute, and we did a brief hug at the door, as I grabbed his chin one last time.