Friday, May 30, 2003

Now don't go clicky click on the pics; I was trying to do a short clip from a NOVA Film called How I Got The Story with the beautiful Beau Matthews and the fun and hung Michael Christopher, but it isn't quite working. See, I've gotten emails from various folks who say they can't get Windows Media Player to work on their computers, or at least my clips in .wmv file format (goddamn Mac users!). So I was trying to do a much smaller file, and leaving it in .avi format, but even when I shrunk the size of the picture, it's still too large for me to economically upload and host here (not that I'm complaining that I have more than a few dozen readers who come and enjoy the movie clips...). So, I think I will leave the problem til next week. It's just that it's a great, classic example of the Nova style: slo-mo, 2 or 3 viewpoint cumshot on the face, which we all love, right? But even taking out Beau's shot on Michael's face, and just paring it down to Michael shooting on Beau, it's still a teeny tiny frame, taking up 11kb's, and lasting a mere 1 minute, 20 seconds - it would be unconscionable to make the clip smaller or shorter!

In this film, each man cums twice, and in the obligatory "facial" style that Nova is known for - the second time Matthews cums, Mr Christopher's tongue is twirling slo-mo, anxiously awaiting the flood - just wonderful film-making, you know? The two men are also in a scene in Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.'s Pleasure Beach; obviously some good chemistry between these two men, and another great cum shot - I can't remember off the top of my head who was on top of who, but he shot clear across his partner's head!