Thursday, May 01, 2003

I Want A Cookie

A few minutes after leaving House of Regrets (and still feeling the sting of this guy's bites) I rode over to The Slide. It was about 3am., but the doors were locked. I was (reasonably) sober, and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the door open. I started to leave, despite the sound of music coming from inside, and thought - "dammit, I know the DJ!" and went back to first lightly tap (and I could hear someone say - no, don't open it, we're closed") so I banged harder. This worked, once I told the host I was Jeff's pal. Too late for alcohol, apparently (despite the HAPPY HOUR at 2a.m. sign out front), and Jeff was packing to leave, along with 4 of his other friends. But not before he got the chance to play a couple whacky tunes, and I WANT A COOKIE was one of those "ok, it's cute"; "ok, it's kinda fun" then it was all 5 of us boucning and chanting: "I want a raise/I want to go home/I want sex/I want a cookie."

I must have that song!

update: well, I found their website, which has this amusing lil tune - Star Spangled Bologna