Friday, May 09, 2003

[you are here to entertain, not scold; save the scolding for in-person endeavors - if you ever get one of those]

MidTRican21 [12:45 AM]: My Basic Pic One low flat rate...Avail now
Bjland [12:46 AM]: flat rate?
MidTRican21 [12:46 AM]: 100
Bjland [12:46 AM]: what the hell is that?
MidTRican21 [12:46 AM]: how it sounds
MidTRican21 [12:46 AM]: if not interested its kewl
Bjland [12:47 AM]: i havent a clue what you are talking about, you must have me confused with someone else
MidTRican21 [12:47 AM]: u lookin for an escort?
Bjland [12:47 AM]: hahaha, funny
MidTRican21 [12:47 AM]: ok sorry to bother you

ItalianBud4UNYC [2:14 AM]: hey
Bjland [2:15 AM]: hey man
ItalianBud4UNYC [2:15 AM]: how's it goin?
ItalianBud4UNYC [2:15 AM]: masc ital here 6'4 210
Bjland [2:15 AM]: doing ok here
ItalianBud4UNYC [2:15 AM]: cool. what u into/ lookin for?
Bjland [2:16 AM]: oral guy here
ItalianBud4UNYC [2:16 AM]: ic
Bjland [2:16 AM]: and you?
ItalianBud4UNYC [2:17 AM]: lots