Friday, May 02, 2003

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off yesterday, doing basically nothing all day (well, lots of whacking, but that's like saying I had coffee in the morning....), and during a bike ride in the evening, stopped off at one of my occasional haunts, and found this Colt Gallery magazine of MIKE DAVIS (pic at left) buried among a bunch of vintage gay-themed paperbacks (another growing obsession, but I don't have time to go into that now). I won't even tell you how cheap it was (except that I couldn't get onto an NYC subway for the cost!), which made the find even more wonderful. So last night I struggled trying to make a filmography/videography for Mike Davis, and after researching thru my own collection, looking at the Gay Erotic Video Index, the fairly useless COLT website, and TLA Video's listing for Davis, I came up with a modest one (click pic). Most of his work was done for COLT during the latter part of the 70's, "loops" which were later released onto videotape (and more recently DVD), so I've listed the names of the actual films, then when I was able to, the name of the videotapes the films appeared on. Timberwolves pt 2 is worth noting for the rarely-seen Al Parker as bottom (he's such a great cocksucker and rimmer, that I never paid much attention if he was "versatile" fuck-wise). Maybe a teeny tiny clip of that is in order? (Don't hold your breath, it's 75 and sunny out!)