Friday, May 23, 2003


directed by: Fred Halsted (1980)

Starring: Fred Halsted and Melchor (the scene featured here); plus Rocky Genero (aka Dan Pace), Mike Morris, Dave Daniels, Rex Brandon, Paul Seton, Josh, Johnny Harden, and George Conover.

Produced around the same time as Halsted's A Night At Halsted's, but a much different feel and style to it. From the "easy-listening" soundtrack of original music by Mike Yamoska (vs. the new wave/punk soundtrack of Night), to the natural lighting, and the more joyful playfulness (notice Fred and Melchor smiling during their scene) of the sex that contrasts with the darkness, and "seriousness" of the sexclub setting in Night. And the climax of this scene is a nice touch - Fred pulls out when he cums (as porno films demand, showing the "money shot"), then gently plunges back in for a few more thrusts, with a collapse on Melchor's back - it doesn't have the same meaning today, of course; no riskiness, or daring, then - just an intimacy beyond merely making each other cum, but continuing the connection, the bond, between the two men.