Tuesday, May 06, 2003

El Paso Wrecking Corp.

"I like this part of town"

director: Joe Gage (1977) - this scene starring Guillermo Ricardo and Lou Davis

You probably already know the plot of El Paso - but just in case, a quick review: Fred Halsted and Richard Locke have been fired from their jobs at Kansas City Trucking Co. (Fred wasn't actually in that film, but the beginning of this film takes place in the office); first they go out drinking (Georgina Spelvin is great as the bar owner; Fred has sex in the basement with a married man as the guy's wife watches, etc), then they hit the road, as Fred knows of a place they can easily get jobs in El Paso - hence the road trip. A few (sex) stops along the way, and as they arrive in El Paso, Locke remarks something to the effect -"you sure we didn't cross right over the boarder?" - which is where this clip picks up, as Fred spots Guillermo walking along, and we get to see Guillermo go to work. Bonus points for whoever can translate what Guillermo says in this clip.