Thursday, July 24, 2003

Back to sex, etc. Did I mention that last Sunday someone seems to have chewed off the label on my favorite jockstrap? And, while working Monday night, I saw the guy who's butt my beard got well-aquainted with the previous evening sitting at a table chatting it up with another fuzzy, beefy guy. I didn't have the balls to go over and say hi, I just drooled from over in the corner. Speaking of men and sexplaces, I haven't heard from my 2-date man. Oh well. I know, I know, I could call him. But we left it at he'll call me if he's in town for the weekend, so I kinda think this means it's his turn. Stoopid, I know; if I want to see his handsome French face, I should call his dreaded cellphone and suggest something, and let the phone-tag begin. But I have that I want to see him but I have doubts about seeing him longterm and so why bother problem. ugh.

Last night, when I got home from work, the answering machine was blinking at me. Of course, I waited til I got all settled in and comfortable, hoping it would be from him, but alas, it was some indecipherable message about doing some sort of work; being disappointed, I let the machine erase it. Good manners would mean I should try to contact the person and at least say "no thanks" but the mood for good manners isn't in me today.