Thursday, July 03, 2003

So, i have 3 choices - well more than 3, but these are the three I am contemplating:
  1. Stay in, try to get to sleep early, then do that errand I can only do in the morning that I haven't managed to do for the past 3 mornings, and start Thursday off in a productive mode.
  2. Go out to The Eagle for PORK, enjoy some decent music, decent men (I have to admit it's very refreshing to be in a room full of men who, even if no one talks to me, are at least in my age bracket), enjoy the 25 minute bike ride each way, which always gives me a chance to think about "stuff", and see if I meet anyone interesting.
  3. Stay in, clean house in the morning, and cross my fingers that the man I made the "date" with for 11 a.m. actually shows up. He's beautiful. I know, I know, it's only one pic, it was an AOL connection which rarely actually happens, let alone when planned a day in advance, and despite me making it clear I'm into "oral only" he said he really digs grabbing on to a smaller hairy guy and fucking him.
Or, of course, there's go out, drink, enjoy, get up whenever, and if he shows up, down a quick potful of coffee, and chow down on his hairy body and goatteed face, and take it from there - I don't have to be anywhere until Saturday at 11 a.m.