Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Summer Sun

another day, come and gone
don't think i can ever sing that song
little secrets we bring along
i'm taking my time, trailing behind, i thought of you
today is the day i think of you

I bought this album for a pal a few weeks back, mostly because I needed a small gift in a hurry, and he had taken me to see this band last year, and we both enjoyed it. On my way to taking him out to his birthday dinner, I liked the album cover and title - "Summer Sun", so I bought it and wrapped it up. About a week or two later, he emails me that he's been listening to it, and it's quite good. Of course, I have to download a few songs to see if I agree. After the third song, I stopped. Yes, very good. Too good to go track by track. Good enough to buy, and enjoy as an entire album; not just a few tracks with the little blips and beeps that come from file-"sharing". I've been listening to it nearly every day since then, sometimes a few times a day. Just beautiful. I know I'm very late on the YO LA TENGO bandwagon, and perhaps these last two mellower albums have made them a bit passe', I don't know (or care). And then there was the dilemna of blogging about it and picking one song to post - not really possible, as each song screamed out "pick me! I'm a great song!" But I would say, if you like the tune I picked, you'll love the entire album.