Friday, July 04, 2003

More (or less) on Limon v. Kansas
Of course, the instinct was to try to dig up some porno clip with some sort of Fourth of July theme - and the best I could come up with was some footage of 2 guys cruising at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Not terribly interesting, to be honest. Meanwhile, I've been kinda obsessing about this case, you remember, Kansas Told to Rethink Gay Sex Case - where the Supreme Court vacated the judgment and remanded the case to the Court of Appeals of Kansas for further consideration in light of Lawrence (very good analysis of this case at SCOTUSblog). I've been searching Google News several times a day for some sort of update. Nothing official, as I guess these things take time - which is rather disheartening. And its kinda unclear what will happen - what if the Kansas Court of Appeals manages to distinguish Limon from Lawrence because this case involves sex with a minor? And this kid (I say kid cuz he's only like 19 now) remains in jail? And even if they do overturn the original decision, this takes time - like it could be months, many months, from what I'm hearing! But it's very very sad to think about two teen kids, goofing around, one says "let me suck it" the other says "OK", then after a few minutes says "stop" the other kids stops, but he winds up in jail. I'm having real trouble figuring out the rationale for this. Right now this kid is in jail for doing what kids do - goof around with each other; and like any good kid, when his friend said "hey, I don't wanna do this anymore" they stopped. And we put him in jail so that....... um, yeah, I dunno either. So I am crossing my fingers and anxiously awaiting that Lifetime Movie moment, where we all get to tearfully rejoice as the kid is finally released from prison. That would be cause for a real Liberty celebration.