Friday, July 25, 2003

So..... I haven't paid much attention to the story regarding the NY City councilmember killing since it happened Wednesday afternoon, until this morning. It's getting weirder, and the papers sure are seeing it differently. One of the local papers, Gay City News has this headline today: "Closets Kill: Gay Life Brimming With Promise Derails Violently" - detailing that the killer was gay, the victim knew this fact, and had "advised" the soon-to-be-killer that it would be bad for his political career to let this out (pardon the pun). Meanwhile, the ever-sensational N Y Post prefers this headline: " HIV ASSASSIN WAS FUELED BY FEAR OF 'GAY' BLACKMAIL" - detailing the suspicions/rumors that the councilman may have been blackmailing his assailant to keep him from running against him - but, um, what-the-fuck with this headline??? Doesn't it imply that the guy's HIV status had something to do with the murder, or actually with the method of killing??? I hate the Post so much, the mutherfuckers. And of course, the newspaper of record, "Combustible Mix Behind City Hall Shooting".