Sunday, July 13, 2003

Have any of you folks been using Link To C2IT, the CITIBANK online payment service? I'm using it for my auctions now, but have only just started, so don't yet have any experience except for transferring some money into the account from my bank (which was quite easy). Meanwhile, I am barely awake, and my body still aches from Friday. No, not the date (hehe); but I was helping some guy move some boxes and shit (including some nice shelving units into my apt, which are now filled with the porno that had been piling up on the floor), and I guess I'm not in such great shape. Although, apparently, in decent enough shape that when I invited myself to FrenchBoy's uptown apartment for this evening, he seemed pleased. So I should be getting a phonecall from him later instructing me how to travel above 14th st, and what sorts of provisions I might need to make it a safe journey. And yes, that's him above.