Friday, July 18, 2003

must..... get.... out.... of apartment.... NOW!

UNCUTONLY4U [2:25 PM]: are u pnp NOW?
UNCUTONLY4U [2:27 PM]: are u
Bjland [2:29 PM]: hello to you, too
UNCUTONLY4U [2:29 PM]: how are u today?
Bjland [2:29 PM]: doing alright, and you?
UNCUTONLY4U [2:30 PM]: looking for some pnp this afternoon, VERY lightly
Bjland [2:30 PM]: ok, good luck
UNCUTONLY4U [2:30 PM]: u 2

Which brings me to a topic I've been wondering about lately. I've been wondering about the drug GHB - but not the scarey "don't do it" stuff, but more from the perspective of folks who use it, or who used to use it. I'm not into the whole "pnp" scene, which means I don't have much contact with folks who enjoy this drug. So any info/input would be appreciated (and no, i'm not planning on doing the stuff, just want to know more about it - and no, I won't be printing emails that folks send, so not to worry).