Monday, July 07, 2003


director: Al Parker (1985)
Starring: Daniel Holt, Shawn Roberts, Drake Cass, Pierce Daniels, David Ashfield, Tico Patterson, Rich Parsons, Alex Lago, Eric Ross, and introducing REX.

"Bearded psychiatrist Daniel Holt treats patients with sexual problems and gets off by listening to their fantasies and escapades." Well, he gets off on one, watching muscleguy Rex whack-off from the other side of a one-way mirror. Shot on film, this one is full of little bits of humor - like Holt's name in the movie (Dr. Neederdorfer?), the "Cassonova Complex", and of course Parker himself in a cameo arresting two guys having public bathroom/gloryhole sex (Parker loves the gloryhole scenarios, particularly the uncut cock poking thru the gloryhole). Pierce Daniels looks great in the alleyway 3-way, and oh yeah, David Ashfield is at his cutest since Pizza Boy, He Delivers (just chattering away during the whole sex scene). Not easy to find, but it's available from Bijou Video.