Wednesday, July 02, 2003

...... and now back to our regularly scheduled programming
Is it so much to ask for spelling, punctuation, and the occasional verb?

Gbuzz [2:53 AM]: hows it going
Gbuzz [2:54 AM]: pix on profile
bjland [2:55 AM]: hey man
Gbuzz [2:56 AM]: hows it going there
bjland [2:56 AM]: doing alright here. jsut goofing around, and you?
Gbuzz[2:56 AM]: bud same horny
Gbuzz [2:57 AM]: nice pix there
bjland [2:58 AM]: thanks, man - yours looks familiar, maybe we've talked before
Gbuzz [2:58 AM]: no i don't think maybe
bjland [2:58 AM]: maybe jsut saw your profile online...
bjland [2:59 AM]: so where are you, anyway?
Gbuzz [2:59 AM]: could be
Gbuzz [2:59 AM]: upper west 89th you
bjland [2:59 AM]: lower east
Gbuzz [2:59 AM]: cool
Gbuzz [3:00 AM]: were east
Gbuzz [3:02 AM]: you looking tonight
bjland[3:02 AM]: oh, 3 am and clear across the island doesnt sound like a "tonight" sorta thing
Gbuzz [3:03 AM]: will lets do it some time open tuesday
bjland [3:05 AM]: i guess i am sleepy, i've re-read that sentence a few times and i cant figure it out, guess its time for bed.
Gbuzz [3:06 AM]: man free all day tuesday you
Gbuzz [3:06 AM]: morning any time
bjland [3:07 AM]: ok, man have a good nite, time for bed
Gbuzz[3:08 AM]: bud you to let me no