Monday, July 26, 2004

big thick green thumb

Ahhhh, faceless pics. So frustrating when you want to hook up with someone, yet they do come in handy when you need some mindless amusement. The intent here is no doubt to make me want to drop to my knees (as if I'm not usually there anyway) and enjoy this slab of manmeat. But of course, what I'm really thinking about is "wow, he gets good natural light. And a balcony! Wonder how much his rent is?"

Meanwhile, last night had a rare blowjob. Well, getting a blowjob isn't that rare, but it's unusual for me to be the guy just standing there grabbing a head as it plunges down into my crotch, without any reciprocation, making out, or anything. But it was a frustrating night. I tried the Phoenix and grabbing a beer, but it was empty and everyone was half my age (didn't you just say it was empty?) I gulped it down quickly, then headed to The Cock. I hadn't been there for Sunday Night backroom since maybe December, and it wasn't long before I realized why. Crappy crappy music, and drunken idiots squealing to their pals as they are standing around doing nothing and pushing and shoving in the too-dense crowd. Outside of the backroom there was a corner which was far more interesting. More open (and ventilated) than the back, just a few guys, but they were grabbing and sucking and kissing and yanking, so it was cool to watch for a while. But, again it got boring as I wasn't actually interested in any of them, which was moot as none of these boys seemed interested in me. Then the backroom again; pushed shoved poked (and not in the good way) shoved and I'm out of there. Phoenix, one more beer, bartender is pleasant, but I just felt too alone and self-consciously lonely in a quiet bar with only 8 other guys. Back to Cock, a nice looking guy was yanking on his thick meat while a jockstrapped guy (that's all he was wearing) licked his balls. This was fun to watch, and was more out in the open, outside of the back room. I flicked his nipples, held his balls, and while he didn't object, he didn't acknowledge me more than an occasional glance to see if my cock was hard yet. They gave up, I gave up and strolled one last time in back.

During all the quick visits back there during the course of the night, I'd say 85% of the guys were not involved in any sexual activity at all - no kissing, groping, and certainly no jerking or sucking. But about three very determined men somehow managed to get enough space to be kneeling down and doing all they could to get cock in their faces. Usually it was one guy getting blown while 8-10 guys crowded in to watch; sometimes the cocksucker was sampling 2 or 3 while so many others just watched, shoved, pushed and crowded around. But this last time I went back, one of those guys who had been on his knees was standing up. Earlier, all I could see was the back of his white t-shirt, and long hair in a pony tail. Now I saw him standing, his hand on another guy's cock besides him, and he had a nice goatee, good torso with a nicely built chest that housed two prominent nipples. Another handsome man walked up, grabbed his cock, they grabbed each other while some 3rd guy was sucking ponytail off. Then he reached over and just lightly touched my chest and smiled. Still involved with the others, but it was a nice affectionate gesture. As the crowd continued to shove and push, he managed to get closer and reached down to my crotch, grabbing it firmly. It wasn't long before he had my stuff out, and he somehow managed to find real estate on the floor and was on his knees.

Other guys moved in closer; the other cute one seemed to like watching, but he wasn't into me so much as watching his new partner perform. Another guy stood besides me, pulled out his thick one, and ponytail continued on me, while looking at the other guy. I pulled out of his mouth as a way of giving permission to do what he wanted, so he went for the other guy. But he looked great sucking, and unlike earlier, from this vantage point, I could not only see his handsome face, but look straight down and see his dick get thicker and longer as he yanked. He returned to me, sucking and slurping - I tried to get him on my balls, but it didn't seem to do much for him so he returned to my dick. Mind you, he wasn't so great - teeth occasionally scraping, going too fast, but it was the watching him that kept me interested, and more importantly, kept me hard. I was getting close, and knew the danger of pulling away could mean he gets distracted and doesn't come back, but I wanted another minute or two to watch him perform. So the thick one beside me returned into ponytail's mouth, and I positioned myself to get a better view of the floor and ponytail's cock as he pounded it. He returned to me, but only briefly as I could feel me getting close, and I pushed him off. Returning to the other guy, I saw his dick was throbbing hard and sticking straight up, and it seemed fitting that I should aim for it. The first drops landed as planned, and while not taking the other guy's cock out of his mouth, his eyes returned to my crotch as he watched the rest of it spooge downward into his crotch. I grabbed his head affectionately, shook off the last few drops, and moved backward, away into the crowd.