Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Train In Vein
See, you don't always need a facepic (or a doorman) to make a good impression on me. The funny thing about yesterday's hook-up is that I was just deciding to stick to drinking this week - just lay off the pursuit of sex, and go out each and every night to whatever place was selling the cheapest beer, have enough to incapacitate myself, then peddle home. But up pops the instant message, facepic exchange, he said he really liked mine, and his was nice. So screw the new temporary rules, check it out, see what happens. I guess i just thrust my fuzzy face up into the lower parts of his balls too persistantly, and SPLAT, he was done. Not that i'm complaining - I think it's sort of in line with my new campaign to make people smile, and he had that "oops, sorry, that was fast" sheepish smile, so it goes in the plus column.

Oh, I need help. Um, let me be more specific. The first one is easy - I have some bandwidth (knock on wood) left for the next 10 days, and can probably manage two decent clips, so suggestions would be appreciated. The other is sort of help steer (stear? stare?) me in the right direction. I could really use like a simple 2-3 days at a beach. I'm thinking September, midweek, but I have limited money and transportation. Last year I stupidly passed up an invite to Provincetown (a place I still have never been to), but now I am thinking something not so far, maybe the Jersey shore. Doesn't have to be gay, but perhaps gay-friendly, cheap cheap cheap, and something I can get to via train (or even bus). Just some cheap hotel for 2 nights and close enough to the ocean to take long walks on the beach and some crappy diner nearby. Just a place to get away from my apartment, computer, and let my head clear a bit. And I know the ocean is definately the place for that.