Sunday, July 18, 2004

movie and...

I have a date tonight. I think we are going to a movie, but not sure we can agree on anything. He seems to like all those bad comedies that are out this summer, and I want something depressing and moody. And then there's the old second date what-do-we-talk-about problem. He's leaving town soon, anyway, so I needn't worry so much. Then again, he might try (again) to go where no man has been in the past year. (and before that, jeez, several years) I'll just need to do some more of those exercises while sitting at work this afternoon to prevent that.

Meanwhile (and you know I'm typing this before rushing off to work, still half asleep, so it's all just jumbled thoughts spurting out of my fingers...), I am running out of underwear. I woke up this morning with yet another pair mysteriously ripped (and I was alone all night, mind you). I don't feel much like buying any, so I'll just be blunt. SEND ME YOUR SIZE MEDIUM, 100% COTTON BOXERS, and I'll be ever so greatful.