Monday, July 19, 2004

Date didn't happen. He wasn't feeling well, we talked a bit on the phone, maybe try again later in the week. By about 11pm I was getting ansy, and went out for a beer. Some guy kept staring in my direction, but because of the streetlight streaming thru the window behind him, it was awhile before I could tell he was looking at me. Even then I was uncertain what was going on, as he was with several friends, and we all know the rule - the guy with friends has to make the move if he's cruising a solitary man - the solitary man is never expected to approach a guy who's with other folks. So it was a bit painful there for awhile, wondering if he'd ever get up the nerve, so I went for a 2nd beer, enough eye contact was made that he should've known I was interested.

He came over, and within a minute was tugging on the goatee-thing, which drives me wild. To make a long story short, we eventually left, I walked him to some sort of late-night Pakistani take-out, he ate spicey food as we walked back towards his place. Something about a roommate, and something about not wanting to come to my place, we exchanged phone numbers. And a few lingering kisses. He said he didn't have to work during the day, so he'd call me at 10:30 this morning so he could come over. And the time now is....?