Friday, July 23, 2004

Don't even ask how the quest began, but at some point I am watching Le Beau Mec (starring Karl Forest), and realized I didn't have it listed in my video collection page, so I wanted to check the credits. That's how I discovered that the music (or at least some of it - "C'EX") is from Philippe Nicaud, and suddenly I needed to track it down. Alas, it's from 1969, nothing pops up in, and even eBay has only one thing listed with Philippe Nicaud. But actually most of the music is by someone/something called "Gilles Esnault & Michel Roy", and google searches seem to only take me to painting sites, and French sites I can't decipher, and stuff that just doesn't add up to SOUNDTRACK FOR LE BEAU MEC. grrrrrrr.