Friday, July 16, 2004

Jesse Ditmar = Michael Kearns?

Ever find yourself spending hours surfing thru the ATKOL forums, and you find a question from like 4 years ago posted, but you still feel compelled to help out and give some extra info? So in two separate postings someone is asking about a scene where a guy is talking to HANK, and is going down on some guy's dick as he talks directly to the camera (Hank) saying this guy is going to pop, as he slurps on this nice cock and yes, it pops, (and it pops good!) all over his handsome face. So of course we all know it's the opening scene from Joe Gage's L. A. Tool & Die, right? And someone has answered with the correct info, adding that it's the only porno Kearns did. But, I am sure he is wrong, that face is just too good, too handsome, too familiar, I've seen it elsewhere.... ahhhh COLT! So I am scurrying thru tons of magazines, trying to find that COLT Anniversary album to check. Now I am 90% sure it IS the same guy, but then I need to double check by looking at the clip this morning, the first few minutes of L. A. Tool & Die, which is of course awesome, and now I am 96% sure. But, but.... being the insecure person that I am , I need validation. So maybe, now that the evil bandwidth sucker seems to have gone away, I can post a brief part of that clip and get some feedback. Should I?