Thursday, July 08, 2004

Several paragraphs into (yet another) self-pitying post, I give up. It's really hard to make those interesting, you know? (OK, so you're thinking "who ever said they were interesting?") I will say this much. I really am trying to adjust my attitude, but roadblocks keep popping up. Not 2 hours after posting the room-share thing on CRAIGSLIST, the roommate has changed his plans yet again. Now he will only be gone for one month! I really should just set up his room as a 24-hour jerk-off club for the month of August, and be done with it.

Meanwhile, a friend is unexpectantly in from out of town, and keeping in line with my new nice guy thing I'm trying out, I offered he could stay here for a couple days. But it's just this tiny small space here, and to have another body, a huge duffle bag, and conflicting personalities.... And I'm trying so hard to do the good parent thing - each time I yell or roll my eyes in frustration at him, I give him a big hug to remind him I still love him, and that while I may act like an ogre, I really am lovable. But it's barely 10:45 am, and the man is smoking a joint in my face! Ten minutes later, he's worried about his visa application that he hasn't gotten ready yet. (Good idea, smoke a joint, then get paranoid about explaining to the French why they should allow yet another American to live in their country.)

And I wonder why I've been drinking a lot more this summer.