Monday, July 05, 2004

GM seeks GM for short term relationship
I just can't get around to doing this. I know I must have the ad on CRAIGSLIST by tomorrow - but I hate sorting thru the emails and interviewing. (Although, in an odd coincidence last night, a cutie who I interviewed a few months back came up to me at The Phoenix, and reminded me we almost lived together. Alas, his stuff was too big to fit, so...) And this being for a short term, it's a big hassle and really not worth it, except I can't carry the rent on my own, and the roommate can't afford to pay while he's away.. On the one hand I am doing the roommate a favor by handling this (he'll be away for 9 weeks, but wants to hang on to the share, despite not being able to afford to pay while he's away) and on the other hand, of course I need to be the one picking the person, as I will be here, living with him. This is all I've been able to sketch out here, and I'm sure I'm leaving out some important stuff:

short term share on Lower East Side

available 08/01/04 to 09/30/04 -- $600/mo (or 200ish/week). 2 months or shorter.

small room (9 x 7) with good sized closet, chair, air mattress, and most important perhaps, air conditioning.

Apartment is 3 small rooms - my room, the kitchen, and my roommate's room. He will be out of town for 2 months, so we need just a short term person for his room.