Friday, May 04, 2001

40-year old knees

as i got up, all spunk covered, and grinning, my knees ached.

yeah, bed sex, wouldn't that be a nice change? bedsex, where you fall asleep after cumming, rather than hop up to wipe up, make excuses about something "more important" that you ought to be doing, or getting back to (as if anything could be more important than lingering in bed with someone, falling asleep, entwined, sticky, dreaming those dreams you dare not articulate...)

bedsex, waking up with a hard-on, and its not just cuz you haven't cum in a few days, its cuz that beautiful man got up a few minutes earlier, and is gently licking your hairy balls, inhaling, smiling up at you as he realizes you're awake, too.

can't honestly remember when that happened last.... was talking to a pal at dinner, and i'm tracing back the past few months, into 2000, still can't remember - when, when was that last morning wake-up with someone I really dug, and wanted to stay, and talk, and have coffee, and do "it" again, and laugh during it, not out of any anxiety, but out of giddiness, from knowing you're connecting, and letting go, and dreaming those dreams you might just articulate......