Tuesday, May 29, 2001

this side down

florida's original CHOCOGATORs are almost all gone. "club mix" of P***y Control (you know how i hate the p-word!) is making that gyrating man below gyrate even more, and i'm still wondering why the same club that would play like 6 great prince and prince-creation songs in a row before i left would be playing maniac when i got back.. quickly recognized 2 men i'd had sex with years ago, each of them more than once, but one refused recognition, the other had dyed hair and it wasn't quite his shade of yellow....meanwhile, one of the several men in this neighborhood that i would gladly scrub his bathroom floors for, Victor, was also their, spending alot of energy ignoring me and pretending to not want me madly; no hair on his head, some sort of fuzzy goatee, or extended bushy moustache, plus these eyebrows that could put Ed Asner to shame. i can see this man in my bed, at age 80, looking just as adorable as now, as i get out of bed, scratch my flabby ass, and make him coffee just the way he likes it. but he pretends not to notice me. there's the 24 year old, with that teensy bit of fuzz just below his lower lip, perfectly centered and triangular, with a big tuff of hair in front, with deep brown eyes, eyes you'd find yourself looking at while he slept, through his dark eyelids, lightly kissing

so, napster provides me with several great prince remixes, as I go down on paul........or is this orville? follow these simple instructions, and you'll be fine: 1) place on center of turntable 2) set on high 3) pick up from other end 4) this side down