Friday, May 11, 2001

Keith Antoni

well, CATCHING UP, a film from Director Tom DeSimone (producer Jack Deveau, Hand-In-Hand production... 70's) - it's Antoni's first film. Just came in the mail, I've watched all of 3 minutes of it and I'm in love. I love the movies with plots, as you may know if you've read anything else on these pages, and this one opens up with Keith and his beau at dinner, who's just broken it off with poor, sullen Keith. Keith asks for the check, Jayson MacBride comes to the table, Keith asks when do they close; Jayson says: "about 2 hours, why?"

Keith "Well, my boyfriend just broke up with me, and I'll be horny in about 2 hours. I'll see you here in 2 hours" tosses his napkin down, and leaves!

gosh, wouldn't you love to do that!?