Saturday, May 19, 2001

email hell
so, it's been over 4 months since i've had a date, and Thursday should have changed that - HA! - so, I call it a night early, and get up Friday morning to work on my webpage update. 30 pieces of email!! but, alas, not a single one was from a real person - I didn't open OR delete any, deciding instead to see how much junk email i'd get in a 24 hour period.

Well, out of 103 pieces of mail, 84 were junk mail. Jennifer, HotBabe, and FRESHVIRGINTEEN tell me they've been looking for me all over the internet, and are greatly relieved to finally find me; and FRIENDFINDER tell me "I know you need a friend" (I wanna know who they've been talking to!); then of course there are the AOLBILLING, and AOLWELCOME's, telling me either there's been a billing error, or I have a new screen name; several very nice people offer to get my out of debt forever; and, or course, and keep writing and promising me a big dick for only $49.95 (but its unclear whether they're going to turn MY cock into a big dick, or I get THEIR cock fro the low low price of $49.95); oh - here's one from a real person - saying he saw SMALL pictures of me at, and would I mind sending some larger ones.

well, and I thought I had no true friends!