Friday, May 11, 2001

chem friendly

ok, so I shouldn't be so cynical; it's like i'm gonna find an actual boyfriend buried somewhere inside this computer, but....
an occassional distraction from the tedium of my directionless, unemployed, meaningless life would be nice. BUT, they're all barebackingMUSCLESTUDchemfriendlyGROUPSAPLUSshavedcrotch men seeking their IDENTICAL TWIN !!!

thank god i like my bod enuf to get into whacking off whenever necessary
meanwhile, some months ago, one of these guys, who didn't have ANY of the above in his description comes over, right before my 40th birthday, and he was adorable!! bearded, slim, loved hairy guys (he wasn't) and after a few hours I kinda figured he was ON something, but, i didnt care, it was fun. He even wanted another "date", which surprised me, but I agreed, not holding my breath. 2 days later, he calls, has to see me, and we did. to make a long story short, our next SEX date happened late on a Saturday night, exactly one week after our first meeting. He came over, some light kissing, then he sat on the other side of the room, and began rolling a joint. Cool. I was sorta comfortable enuf with him at this point that I could do that. Then, he gets up, says its HHHHOT in here, and peels off his shirt, to remind me what an amazing, sculptured bod he has.... then his pants...slowly pulled down, to reveal tight, clingy, long this point I am totally panting.... then, he takes them off, to reveal a SPEEDO. walks back over across the room, and sits down as far away from me as he can be in the same room, and continues rolling the joint. Meanwhile, I wanna go sniff the long underwear, but hold myself back....soon enough, he comes over, sits next to me, lights up, and postions the Speedos right in my face.....

within a few minutes, he ordered me naked. gosh, i'm not very good naked, but I comply, crossing my fingers in my head, hoping I can still do "it". He whispers in my ear what he wants me to do next, and i know i can't. he is still conscientous enough to see this in my face, goes over to his bag, takes something out, breaks it in half, puts it in my mouth. Now, the pressure is really on, and I know it won't happen. CHEMS i'm just way too uptight for them. I keep thinking about what they are supposed to do, and my brain fights every inch of the way. Of course, this wasn't to get my high, this was to get me hard, and yet, I just never did.... goddamn it, how the hell is this drug supposed to work inside of any half-way intelligent guy if all you can think about is BOB DOLE

SHIT! I am not exaggerating! The most beautiful man who's been in my home in about 2 years is standing there, waiting, and I can't get BOB DOLE out of my head.....well, soon enough, he makes some feeble excuse as he's dressing....and about 6 HOURS later, I'm rock hard, can't sleep, depressed,