Friday, May 25, 2001


So, doing my part for Nat'l Masturbation Month, watched The Brig and Hot Truckin' last night. While The Brig is okay, Hot Truckin' got me where I needed to go! The Brig starts off slow (meaning kinda ugly guys for the first 30-45 minutes) but soon enough, some hairy ones, like the young hairy "star" and then Mickey Squires, trying to portray "trade" turns real bottom real fast for a few extra bucks!!! (but such a nice buttt!!) But, Hot Truckin' , from 1978 with big star Gordan Grant, directed by Lancer Brooks (whom you may know as Tom De Simone, since I know you've been reading my Gay Porn DIRECTOR'S pages). anyway, I digress.... Gordan Grant suprisingly does turn me on a bit, despite his smooth muscley self, and that god-awful haircut - I guess it's just his energy. But the real treat is his truckin' partner, bearded Nick Rodgers- (who you may remember from such films as The Idol and Grease Monkeys) that first scene, in the public bathroom with that hot Rodgers on his knees, all i can say is SPLAT!!