Thursday, May 17, 2001

cum and cry?

oh gosh, I've been avoiding watching this porn flick The Idol, because it seemed like it would be sappy, and I'm a sucker for that stuff. But, it was reputed to be good, good acting, blah blah blah.. But I didnt expect it to get me off, too! It's about a college track star (Kevin Redding, beautiful, hot, good actor, a shame it was his only film) who begins to realize he's gay. The scene with coach Nick Rogers is real hot - slow build-up (the old "you're tense, lie down while I massage you" routine) - but it's well-acted, and erotic; well, I coulda done a lot better in gym if I had a coach like him.

But, it's sorta sad, cuz it's shown through the eyes of this other college kid who obviously has a crush on him, and, well, let's just say its a "bittersweet" story.