Sunday, May 20, 2001

Trick Time

NOT what you think. Of course, I am referring to the film Trick Time made in the early 80's by Cosco team (lovers) Joey Yale and Fred Halsted. Been meaning to get this for awhile, cuz it reputedly had interviews with the stars, although that's not how the video company, HIS, promotes it. Well, wisely, they didn't let Tim Kramer speak too long, but have just finished the Johnny Dawes interview - nothing stunning, except you realize that he was, indeed, more than a great porn star, but an interesting person, who, yes, could act!! He mentions Pleasure Beach as his best film in terms of acting, and I've been meaning to get that one for awhile (director
Arthur Bressan
) - the scene with Michael Christopher, never my favorite in the face department (to put it kindly) is real nice, focusing on his beautiful, fat cock. Slurp!